How Do I Find and Manage My Member Center Page?

Your Member Center page is a great resource for keeping track of your purchased subscriptions and products.  You can access your plans, and manage your Account Settings from this page.  To find your Member Center page from the homepage, please see screenshots, below:

1) Log into your account from the homepage.


2. Once you log in, select the "shopping cart" icon by clicking on it.

3. Clicking on the "shopping cart" icon will bring you to the store page.  The link to this page is:

You will see your username at the upper right-hand corner of the page.  Select it to bring up a drop-down menu.  You can now select "Member Center" from this menu.


4. You can now explore your Member Center page; access products, update account information, adjust your automatic renewals on purchased subscriptions and more!


5) You can click on the "Edit Account" column to see previous purchases.  There are also links on the "Edit Account" page that will allow you to update your address, password, etc..