Registering for a DRF Bets Account

  • Why DRF Bets?


  • You can sign up for a DRF Bets account via the link below. Any questions or issues with sign up, please let us know how we can assist you. or phone 1-800-306-3676 (toll free, 24 hours a day). 

  • Don't forget to add the new-sign-up promo code when you join, for added bonuses! For information regarding our current promotion, see the link below (terms and conditions apply):

  • What if I already have an Xpressbet account? Can I still join DRF Bets? Am I eligible for a new sign up bonus?

    You can transfer your account from Xpressbet to DRF Bets by phoning 1-877-408-1999.  Agents can determine your eligibility for a new sign up promotion (generally 13 months or more of no Xpressbet wagering activity) and manually add the new sign up code to your account.

  • Are my and DRF Bets accounts the same?

    No, your account and your DRF Bets account will be separate. You will have a unique login name for each account. This is an added security measure.