Purchasing and Accessing Past Performances

You can purchase PP plans and other Handicapping tools by logging into your DRF.com account and clicking on the "Plans & Pricing" category to bring up the online store page.  Please see the screenshot and helpful link, below:


Once purchased, you can find and download the Past Performances -- Classic PPs, Formulator PPs, Program PPs, TimeForm US PPs, Easy Form, under the "Handicapping & PP's" menu tab on the DRF.com homepage.  See screenshot for tab location and some useful links, below:



Click on each tab to bring up the products.

PP's can also be accessed directly through these links:

http://www1.drf.com/drfPastPerformance.do (Classic PPs)

http://www1.drf.com/formulator-web/Launch.do#card-selector (Formulator)

http://www.drf.com/timeformus (Timeform US)

http://www1.drf.com/EasyForm/MainMenu.do (Easy Form PPs)

http://www1.drf.com/DailyRacingProgram/MainMenu.do (Program PPs)

http://www1.drf.com/Equibase/Products.do?productId=50201 (Equibase PPs)

http://www1.drf.com/Equibase/Products.do?productId=50316 (Trackmaster Platinum PPs)

 http://www1.drf.com/HCPOnlineHorsePickProduct.do?action=horseproducts (Individual Horse PPs)