How Do I Update or Add a New Credit Card While Making a New Purchase?

You can change your credit card before your confirm your purchase as long as you buy the product directly from the online store first, then use the product to download a specific track and date afterwards.

For example, to purchase a Classic PP or plan, and change your card information, select the link below: 

Select the option you wish to purchase.

This will bring you to the online shopping cart. Select "Checkout."

Confirm your billing information, and then go to "Payment".

You will see an option on that page to change your credit card (see screenshot, below). Once you do so, it will save the new card information and you should be able to download subsequent products directly.


Please note:  if you want to delete or change your current credit card without making a new purchase, please email us directly at We will remove the card from your account and email you with a confirmation once we have done so.