Is DRF Bets open to Pennsylvania residents?

Yes, depending on where you live.

Under Pennsylvania State law, Pennsylvania residents may only open wagering accounts with licensed racetracks located within a certain distance of their homes. DRF Bets only opens wagering accounts for eligible Pennsylvania residents on behalf of the entities that own The Meadows harness racetrack in Washington, Pennsylvania. These account-opening and management functions are provided through a vendor services agreement between DRF Bets and The Meadows entities.

DRF Bets holds a vendor license issued by the Pennsylvania State Harness Racing Commission, which regulates all aspects of the services provided to The Meadows entities. All wagering instructions provided to live telephone tellers from Pennsylvania residents are handled by employees of The Meadows entities located at a call center within the racetrack enclosure of The Meadows, while all wagering instructions provided to live telephone tellers from non-Pennsylvania residents are handled by DRF Bets employees from DRF Bets' call center in Beaverton, Oregon.

To reduce confusion among Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania residents, DRF Bets has agreed to license the trademark "DRF Bets" to The Meadows entities.