How do I withdraw money from my account?

Winnings are credited to your account immediately following a successful wager. You can withdraw these funds at any time.

Withdrawal method details: 

  • Cash Withdrawal: These can be made in person at any Xpressbet Center, or OTB that offers Xpressbet services.
  • Check Withdrawal: Withdrawal requests can be made by phone to 866.889.7737. You can also request a withdrawal by going to My Account, then clicking on Withdrawals. Withdrawal checks will be issued and mailed within one business day.
  • Online Withdrawal: To do this go to My Account, and click on Withdraw. A new page will pop up and from this page you will be able to request the withdrawal amount that you want, and the address you would like to have it sent to. You can also request to have the withdrawal sent to you via FedEx, however this will cost a fee of $17 that will be taken from your wagering account.
    The following restrictions apply to withdrawals:
  • CASH: Cash withdrawals are limited to $2,500 per account holder per day. In addition to the $2,500 cash, an equal amount may be withdrawn by check at the Xpressbet Center location.
  • ACH: Your withdrawal will not be processed if you have made an ACH deposit in the last 6 days and your account does not have more than the amount of the deposit.