DRF Bets Rewards Overview

The simplest and richest rewards program in racing.

In addition to the benefits that you receive being a DRF Bets member, each month you will be eligible to qualify for these extra rewards. 

  • Free Unlimited PP Program
  • Free DRF Plus
  • Up to $100 DRF Store Credits per month
  • Up to 5% Cashback on Wagering

 Free Unlimited PP Program

  1. Purchase DRF Classic, Daily Racing Program, Harness Eye, Daily Harness Program or Equibase PP’s in our DRF Bets store.
  2. Make a minimum wager on the race card that you purchased and get the price of the card refunded the very next day.

Click here for minimum wagers and credit information

 Free DRF Plus

  1. Make a single wager in the month and receive DRF Plus for free the following month.
  2. At the beginning of the eligible month you will receive an email with a coupon code to redeem.
  3. Use your coupon at DRF.com and purchase DRF Plus for 1c.

 Up to $100 DRF Store Credits

  1. Wager at least $1,000 in a month, and receive $20 Store Credits the following month.
  2. For each additional $1,000 you wager, receive an additional $20 of DRF Store credits - up to a maximum of $100.
  3. Credits will expire 1 month from the date they are awarded.

Click here to redeem your credits

 Up to 5% Cashback

  1. Sign up for DRF Bets Cashback program (here).
  2. Wager over $8,000 in a month and receive up to 5% cashback the following month.
  3. Wagering levels and state restrictions apply.

Click here for details