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Why isn't my DRF login working?

You need to have a full DRF Gaming Account with DRF Bets included to log into the app. Click on the REGISTER button from the More menu button.



Where can I withdraw funds?

Withdrawing will be added soon in an upcoming release. In the meantime you can withdraw from our mobile website at on your safari browser.


Where can I find results?

For now, click on results from the main navigation buttons. They will be embedded into the wager pad in an upcoming release.



I'm on the wager pad and I have selected a wager type. Why can't I select any horses?

You have to select a wager amount first.


Where can I find My Wagers?

You can find your active and resolved wagers in the Wagers tab on on the main navigation. You can also access your wagers from the wager pad with a long tap on the screen until the wagers come up.



How do I cancel a wager?

From the my wagers page, slide left on the active wager to view the cancel option.


Why are so few default bet denominations showing?

The DRF app wants to personalize your wagering experience by learning the bet amounts you like to place. When you place a new wager, the app will remember that amount for that wager type and it will be available by default next time you select a wager type.


How do I repeat bet?

This will be available in an upcoming release.


Where can I find DRF News on the app?

DRF articles will be added soon in an upcoming release.


Where can I find pools and probables?

Pools, probables, and will pays will be added in the next upcoming release.


I see a news story on Entries/Results, why can't I click on it? 

This will be fixed in an upcoming release.


Where are DRF analysis, selections, closer looks?

This content will be added for DRF Gaming Account holders in an upcoming release.