DRF Sports section FAQ's

How do I access DRF Sports?

DRF Sports is found at sports.drf.com.


Does DRF Sports require a subscription?

DRF Sports is a subscription site ($5 weekly/$99 annual) for access to all the proprietary matchup information, including the Forecaster, exclusive StatFox trends for every game and the new daily NBA and NFL PDF TipSheets. However, the latest odds and live scores on all matchups are free to view, and we have several free matchups to sample daily. See here for subscription options: https://shop.drf.com/drf-sports-bundle


What sports are covered by DRF Sports?

Every game with a Las Vegas "board number" will be included for the sports we offer. That includes every matchup from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and nearly all of the college football and college basketball games.


Which games for each sports are on DRF Sports?

Every game with a Las Vegas "board number" will be included for the sports we offer. That includes every NFL and NBA game and nearly all of the college football and college basketball games that have betting lines.


Is DRF Sports available on my phone?

Yes, go to sports.drf.com on your mobile browser.


What are the "Betting Angles" shown on the DRF Sports homepage?

These are samples of angles for all the games on the board for the sport you are currently viewing. Click on an angle to go directly into the detailed content for that game.


What do "Open" and "Current" mean on the list of games?

"Open" is what the point spread and over/under were when the game first was posted by oddsmakers. "Current" is the current point spread and over/under. Watching how the lines move from when they open to the present is a valuable handicapping tool.


Why do I not see this weekend's NBA games on the NBA homepage?

If we have not posted a game it's because the game has not been posted on the Vegas boards yet. Sometimes games are only posted 24 hours in advance. Check back later and your game should show up soon.


What are the NBA and NFL TipSheets?

We have launched these two new products in time for the 2020 NFL season and the ongoing NBA Playoffs and are included at no extra charge with your DRF Sports subscription. These TipSheets are updated daily and offer an in-depth look at all of the sport's matchups that are currently on the board, all in one easy-to-use view. Click on the "PDF" button on the top right of the page to download a printable PDF version of the TipSheet.


What happened to the weekly Sports Form?

The weekly PDF Sports Form magazine has been discontinued. But nearly all of the same information is available in the new TipSheet products, which is updated daily with the latest stats and betting lines.


In the key stats area, what do the abbreviations mean?

PDIF - Point Differential

SS - Schedule Strength

TOD - Turnover Differential

PPG - Points per game

FD - First Downs

FUM-INT - Fumbles-Interceptions


In the NBA TipSheet, what do the categories mean?

Brd - Rotation Number. This is the "Board" or "Rotation" number assigned to each team. This is a universal way of recognizing live betting interests.

SF - StatFox Forecaster. The StatFox Forecaster uses several key factors, including recent statistical averages and schedule strength, to create a score projection.

OF - Outplay Factor. Determined by a sophisticated formula that takes into account a team's points for and points against as compared to how their previous opponents have fared. The value displayed is a hypothetical line for the game.

GL - StatFox Guideline. The Guideline is the minimum spread value the bettor should be looking to get to wager this matchup.

OL - Opening Line. The posted spread when the matchup was first posted on the board.

FL - Final Line. The current spread of the game. This may not be "final" because the spread can change prior to gametime but it is the most current spread.


In the Angles descriptions, what do "Units" mean?

It's a hypothetical wager amount. Basically take your bet size and multiply it by units won/lost.  ex. 3.5 Units * $100 wager = $350. Count +1 for win and -1.1 for a loss for Against The Spread bets for example.


Where can I submit questions or feedback for DRF Sports?

Send any emails to sports@drf.com