How Do I Check or Edit My Automatic Renewal Settings?


  • Please be aware that most multi card PP plans, Digital Form, Wizard monthly and Plus plans do automatically renew whenever newly purchased or repurchased.
  • Promotional-priced plans and introductory offers renew at regular retail price.

  •  Unused cards expire when your plan does, and do not carry over once the expiration date has passed.
  • Purchasing a second plan does not disable auto renew for another plan.
  • If you wish to disable auto renew for any specific plan, please do so via the account settings options in your account.
  1. Log into your account, select “Member Center” from the drop down menu under your login name at the top right of your homepage, and then “Auto Renew Preferences.” Please see screenshots, below.
  2. Un-check any checked box next to an active plan, and hit “Submit.”  This cancels your renewal order.
  • You may also phone our toll free number 24 hours a day at 1-800-306-3676 and request assistance with auto renewal settings.