Displaying and modifying Formulator PPs

Formulator Past Performances contain the same past performance information printed in the Daily Racing Form newspaper. Race number, track name, complete race conditions, and past performances for all horses entered in the race are included.

If you have purchased a race card, you can now click on any date to view the Formulator Past Performances (PPs). After clicking the date of your choice, you will be brought to the “Conditions” page. From this page, you can click the race number to view the past performances for that race.

Look of Formulator Past Performances 
Once you’ve opened Formulator Past Performances, you can alter the way they look on your screen by clicking on the “Settings” button.
Description: settings-form.jpg
Formulator will default to a “Fit to screen” setting when you open a race card. This means that the past performances will stretch from one side of your monitor to the other. To change this setting, simply “uncheck” the box titled “Fit” in the Settings. If this bar is unchecked, you can now slide the arrow along the “Zoom” bar to change the size of the past performances on your screen. (Note – alterations to the size of the PPs on your screen will not affect the way your past performances are printed)

Description: font-settings-form.jpg
If you would like to change the Font Sharpness or Font Thickness of your Formulator PPs, you can also use a sliding bar to alter their look. These bars can be found in your Settings also.
In your Settings, you will see these slide bars. As you move them left and right, the sharpness and thickness of your Formulator PPs will change. To save your changes, click “Save,” and click “OK” to close out of your Profile Settings.
Note – any changes to the font size, sharpness and thickness in your PPs will also change the look of the fonts in your charts.

Filtering your Past Performances
Formulator allows you to view the past performances the way you want to view them. You can merge workouts and notes into your PPs. You can scratch and hide horses, show times in fifths or hundredths, show incremental splits or individual horse times. You can even toggle on and off between Closer Looks and Company Lines.

Description: view-form.jpg
You can also view lifetime past performances, or choose to see just a set number of previous running lines. You can also easily adjust the size of the past performances and charts to fit your computer screen.
The screen shot shows you all the options you have when viewing your Past Performances. A check next to the feature means that you want to utilize that feature. For example, a check next to “Merge Workouts” means you want a horse’s workouts merged into the running lines of his past performances. Below is some more detail on each option:

• Merge Workouts
View workouts interspersed within running lines by checking “Merge Workouts” from the Options button in the Formulator Navigation Menu. The workouts are merged in chronological order.
By default, workouts are shown at the bottom of the Past Performance. When workouts are merged with running lines, they appear in green.
By merging workouts, you get a chronological view of a horse’s activity and insight into the trainer’s methodology.

• Closer Looks
You can choose not to view the Closer Look on the Past Performances page. The Closer Look is the text analysis of each horse. In the newspaper version of the Daily Racing Form, the Closer Look is to the right of the Past Performances. In Formulator Web, the Closer Look appears at the bottom of each horse’s past performances, under the Trainer Form statistics. The Closer Look is not available for every Past Performance.

• Company Line
You can choose not to view company lines on the Past Performances page. The company line is that portion of the running line that shows the first three finishers, weights, and margins

• Show Notes
You can choose to insert your personal notes into your Formulator PPs. Race, Card, and Trip Notes will appear beneath each applicable running line, while Horse Notes will appear below the Trainer Form. For more information about notes, click here.

• Incremental Splits
By default, Formulator Past Performances show elapsed times for the horse in the lead. To change the elapsed race time of a running line to incremental splits, click “Incremental Splits” in the View dropdown menu on the Past Performance.

• This Horse
By default, Formulator Past Performances show times for the horse in the lead and the final time for the winner. To change the race time from the race leaders at each point of call to the horse you are currently viewing, click “This Horse” in the Options button on the Formulator Navigation Menu.
You can also change this setting in your Profile Settings, under the “Past Performance” and “Pace” tabs.

• Scratch Horse/Hide Horse (available in the "Filters" tab)
Setting Running Lines Display/Print Options
You can control the way running lines are displayed and printed from your “Profile Settings.” For example, you can have Formulator show you 20 running lines for each horse, but only print out 10. These options can all be found in the “Profile Settings” under “Past Performances” and “Print Options.”

Choosing running lines to display (available in the "Filters" tab)
You can exclude running lines displayed in Formulator Past Performances by filtering those conditions that are not interesting to you.

By default, no filters are applied. This means that all information is visible in the Past Performances page and “All” is selected for each filter item.
To change the filtering, open your “Profile Settings” from the Formulator navigation bar. Go to the “Past Performance” tab, then to the “Filters” tab. Select an item from the Filter menu.
Choose a filter to show running lines of races that meet the criteria. For example, if you choose “Turf” from the “Surface” menu, only those running lines of races run on turf are visible in the Formulator Past Performances.

Note - You can also choose to gray the text that is filtered. For example, if you are most interested in jockeys racing today, but want to see them in the context of all jockeys, you can gray the text for all jockeys other than those racing today. To do so, first select Jockey and then Today’s from the Filters tab. Then select “Gray Filtered Text” from the “View” tab.

Choose any combination of the following:
• Distance to selectively view running lines by Sprint, Route, Today’s Distance, or Today’s Plus 
• Surface to selectively view running lines by Turf, Dirt or Synthetic
• Track Conditions to selectively view running lines by Fast/Firm or Off-Track
• Recency to selectively view running lines Within 15 Days, Within 30 Days, Within 45 Days, Within 60 Days, or Within 90 Days
• Medication to selectively view running lines by Today’s Lasix, Bute, or Lasix & Bute
• Early Pace to selectively view running lines by On The Lead (first two calls) or Within Two Lengths (first two calls)
• Jockey to selectively view all jockeys or jockeys racing today
• Trainer to selectively view all trainers or trainers with horses racing today
• Track & Surface to selectively view all tracks or tracks at which races are taking place today

Description: pp-filter-form.jpg

Setting "Today's Plus" Distances

Moving to a Specific Race
Once you have opened up the past performances for a race card, you can easily move from race-to-race within that card by utilizing the race-by-race menu on the main nav.
Either use the left and right arrows to move through races, or use the drop-down menu to choose any race on the card. The menu will display the conditions for each race so that you do not have to navigate back to the Conditions page once you have clicked into any race on the card. Once the final version of the Past Performance is available, the menu will include the available wagers for each race.

Printing Past Performances 
As mentioned above, you can control the way running lines are printed from your Settings. For example, you can have Formulator show you 20 running lines for each horse on your computer screen, but only print out 10. These options can all be found in the Settings.
You also have the option to print races individually, or to print the entire card. Simply click the “Print” button in the Formulator navigation bar, choose to print one race or the entire card, and begin printing.
Notes on printing: In order to print PPs, Formulator turns them into a PDF file. This process can take up to several minutes.