Why can't I save my Notes?

Make sure that you have the "Show Notes" option activated on the "View" dropdown menu. If not, then your notes will not display within the Race Cards.

You may have to reload the Past Performance for the notes to show up inline on the PP. Click on the "Past Performance" button on the main navigation or go back to the Cards menu and reload the card.

When you have any of the Notes modules open, do not navigate away from the current race card or race chart you are viewing in the main content area of Formulator. In other words, if you are on Race 1 of a race card and call up the Trip Notes module, fill out your Trip Notes and "Save" before moving away from Race 1 in the main navigation.

You may have a cache-ing issue on your browser. Follow these steps and your notes-saving ability should return:

    • Close all but one occurrence of your browser window.
    • Clear your browser cache. Here is a link if you need help with this step: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache
    • Close this last browser window. 
    • Open a new browser window. 
    • Go to DRF.com and click on the link to open Formulator.  Login when prompted.
    • Select a card and race.  Enter in notes for multiple horses in multiple races.  Hit the “Save” button.  Use the “Cancel” button to close the window.
    • Open Notes button again and see if all your notes saved.