Symbols and Abbreviations

In Workout Line:
B Breezing
(d) Worked around dogs
D Driving
E Easily
g Worked from gate
H Handily
tr.t Training track
TR1 Training Race (this was 1st race)
1/25 Workout ranking

In Finish Line:
hd Head
nk Neck
no Nose

In Equipment Line:
b Horse wore blinkers
f Horse wore front bandages

In Medication Line:
B Butazolidin
L Lasix

In Color, Sex Line:
B Bay
Blk Black
Ch Chestnut
Dkb or br
Dark bay or brown
Gr Gray
Ro Roan
c colt
f filly
g gelding
h horse
m mare
r ridgling

In Track Condition Line:
Dirt Tracks:
fr Frozen
fst Fast
gd Good
hy Heavy
my Muddy
sl Slow
sly Sloppy
wf Wet-Fast

Turf & Steeplechase:
fm Firm
gd Good
hd Hard
hy Heavy
sf Soft
yl Yielding

In Quarter Horse Line:
Wind Direction
cw Cross wind
hw Head wind
tw Tail wind

Pace and Race Shape Symbols