How are DRF Classic and DRF Formulator PP’s different?

The DRF Classic PP's provide all the information you get in the newspaper edition as well as access to the Basic version of Formulator where you can utilize the program to customize the PP's in a variety of ways.

The Formulator PP's allow interactive access to data which lets you dig much deeper than any standard PP product. The primary features that separate Formulator PP’s from Formulator Basic and DRF Classic PP’s are extensive access to comprehensive Trainer stats which are pulled directly from our database, video replays from each race featured in the running lines as well as access to comprehensive charts that can be accessed from the PP’s. The Formulator PP’s also let you access a number of DRF reports including the Sibling Summary which gives you a comprehensive look at all runner’s family history at the racetrack and the Quick Sheets which is a condensed Sheet that reminds you of the top Beyer Speed Figures, DRF Picks, and top angles on a racecard.

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