Using the "Conditions" page

You are immediately brought to the “CONDITIONS” page after selecting the race card you would like to view.

The Conditions page contains information for every race on the race card. The default view shows the race number, probable post time, distance, age, detailed race class, purse amount, weight, and any additional available information such as wagering information.

In the options menu on this screen, you can choose to view abbreviated Race Conditions. This version gives you the race number, the probable post time, abbreviated race class, and wagering menu (when available).

You can view the full past performances by clicking the Race Number.

NOTE: As a new feature, you can print the entire race card directly from the conditions page by clicking on the Print dropdown menu and selecting “Print All Races” and then clicking on the Print icon.

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Once you have selected a race card, you can view the DRF Analysis/Graded Handicap. Simply click the “Analysis and Stats” tab in the top navigation bar. Then click “Analysis/Graded Handicap”
This page shows the Daily Racing Form graded handicap. It also shows an analysis of the race when it is available.
The top portion of the page contains race number, distance, age, abbreviated race class, probable post time, purse amount and wagering information.

The middle portion of the page includes a list of all entries with their corresponding post positions, program numbers (when available), medication and equipment, jockey, trainer, weight, and Daily Racing Form morning line odds.

If there is an analysis of the race, it is included at the bottom of the page. If there is no analysis, this section is not included.
To move through each Analysis/Graded Handicap for all races on the race card, use the race selection tool in the upper right corner of the top navigation bar.

To print the Analysis/Graded Handicap, use the print function at the top of the page where it says “Print Page Content.”

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