What are some key features in Formulator PPs?


Tab navigation is available to open multiple race cards quickly and navigate easily between them. Go to "Settings" and select "Open Card in New Tab" to activate this new feature.

Enhanced Beyer Graphs give you a visual comparison of how the horses in the field have cycled in and out of form. Access the Beyer Graphs from the main PP navigation "Charts and Graphs."

Jockey Search allows you to find all the mounts on a race card for a specific jockey. Select a jockey from the dropdown menu and click on the search icon. Keep clicking on the search icon to find the jockey's next mount on the card. The search function also includes Horse and Trainer as it always has but is now easier to access and use directly from the main navigation of the PP.

Streamlined navigation reduces the number of clicks you need to get around to the different sections of Formulator. For example, clicking on "Past Performances" on the main nav will always take you back to the last PP you were viewing. All data reports and PDFs will now load smoothly into Formulator instead of opening a new tab or browser. Also, the race-by-race dropdown menu includes the available wagers for the entire card so that you don't have to click back to the Conditions page.

Print the entire race card directly from the Conditions page without having to click into a specific race.

Inline race charts in the PPs dating back five years, which is the same as "lifetime" for most active horses.

Unlimited Replays for all running lines in a PP

Enhanced Sibling Summary Report

Sire Snapshot and Sire Pattern Reports