All Access PPs includes both Beyer Speed Figures and TimeformUS Speed Figures. What is the difference?


Beyer Speed Figures express the most important factor in handicapping: how fast a horse has run in each of his starts. 

The winning figure for a race is based on three factors:  the final time, the distance, and the inherent speed of the track (a calculation known as the track variant.) For losing horses, points are deducted according to the lengths behind the winner and the distance of the race. 

Beyer Speed Figures are interchangeable from track to track. A 90 at Saratoga is the same quality of performance as a 90 at the Ferndale Fair. Moreover, a figure of 90 in a six-furlong race is the same quality of performance as a 90 at 1 ¼ miles.  

TimeformUS Speed Figures are different from Beyer Speed Figures in that they uniquely account for the pace of each race. If a front-runner gets away with a slow early pace, we will use our algorithms to downgrade its TFUS Speed Figure. Similarly, if a horse goes too fast early, the TFUS speed figure for the race will typically be upgraded. The higher the figure, the better the race. Top-class horses can earn figures of 120-plus.